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Secure Payment Methods on Martinvalen

Shopping with secure payment is extremely important in today's technology. For this reason, we attach great importance to your safety while shopping in our web store. In this context, we strive to provide you with peace of mind by integrating the most preferred secure payment methods on our website. Here are those payment methods:

1.   Debit Card

You can shop securely on our site with debit cards, which are the payment card type of banks. With a debit card, you can pay securely from your bank account, you can easily use the POS device for this, as well as easily in the payment system on our site.

Advantages of Payments Made with Debit Card

By choosing this payment method, you accept that you want to make a completely secure and voluntary payment. This payment method allows users to make purchases only as much as the amount in the account, as it focuses on the amount in their partner bank. In other words, it is very useful for users to analyze their budgets and spend accordingly. At the same time, debit cards, do not have an annual fee, and they ensure that users do not make payments such as extra installment tax and offer a safe and fast shopping opportunity. It allows you to control your shopping managed from a single account and learn about your expenses. These cards, which are an important factor in terms of bank and account reliability, allow users to adjust their budgets and have an informed shopping experience. It is one of the most reliable shopping methods. One of the payment methods that increases the reliability of banks towards their customers and helps to increase your credit score, debit card payments provide users with fast, practical and easy shopping.

2.   Credit Card

It is a payment tool with the ability to make installments, in addition to allowing you to shop even when you do not have any money, especially with the credit cards used for shopping. You can also spend money that is not actually in your account on your credit card, then a credit card limit is determined for you by your bank, you can renew your credit limit by making payments in certain periods. You can also shop on our website by using this privileged payment tool of shopping.

Convenience of Paying with Credit Card

Credit card payment method is among the most used payment methods in online shopping. This payment method is the common point of both safe and sustainable shopping, and it also can be preferred for all kinds of online shopping thanks to the convenience it provides to users. The greatest convenience of shopping with a credit card is being able to shop securely over the internet. It protects users from the risk of theft arising from payment at the door or cash payment. It allows the expenditures made to be viewed through the statement at the end of the month. At the same time, it has the advantage of interest-free loans with the option to pay in the next month. In addition to this, it has the feature of making the purchases in installments and configuring the installments and payments. It is also of great importance in increasing the credit scores of customers connected to banks.

3. Paypal

Paypal is an extremely reliable tool where you can receive payments and pay at the same time, even via e-mail, without using a credit card. You can pay with Paypal from many different parts of the world. Paypal, which is actively used on our website, is an extremely safe and practical payment channel. (Not available in European countries)

Highlights of Paypal as a Payment Method

Paypal, one of the most preferred payment methods today, is seen as a virtual banking. It is one of the secure shopping systems that is actively used all over the world. It keeps people's information confidential by using the easiest and safest payment methods. It offers the options of safe shopping by providing great convenience to the users. Payments made from Paypal accounts are sent to the other party as Paypal money. If there is no money in the account, the payment amount from the credit card connected to the account is used and sent to the account in a secure manner. Money conversion can be done easily for overseas purchases. In this way, it is often preferred in foreign exchange transactions. It is easy and fast to use. You enter your financial and delivery information only once when you sign up for PayPal. You complete your purchases with your registered e-mail address and password, and you do not have to enter the same information each time.

4.   Кlarna

It is an online payment channel that allows individuals to make shopping payments easily and securely online. With Klarna, individuals can arrange their payments according to themselves. You can also pay via our website using the Swedish-based Klarna payment channel. A highly reliable system, Klarna is a very popular payment tool.

Features that Distinguish Klarna from Other Payment Methods

Providing convenience to customers by bringing an innovative perspective to online payment methods, Klarna works with a kind of virtual debt system. Klarna has many advantages over ordinary payment methods, and it is known for these outstanding features:

Online shopping advantage: Thanks to its extensive network, it provides the chance to use it for almost all of the online shopping products. In this way, it allows the user to create his own payment plan by adapting the traditional debt system to the digital world.

Ease of free payment: With the pay later option, it gives you the freedom to shop even if there is no money on the card used during shopping. In other words, after making the payment with this method, you can determine your own payment schedule. Klarna, which is a method preferred by users especially in technological devices, allows high-budget products to be purchased easily.

Interest-free smart payment: It does not charge additional fees or interest for individual users. In this way, the interest difference in the sales of the products will not be reflected in your cart. Klarna, which is a method preferred by users especially in technological devices, allows high-budget products to be purchased easily.

User-specific payment plan: Manual payment planning, which is one of its most important features, allows you to create payment plans according to your budget. In this way, you can divide the price of the product you purchased into months, as if you were paying a loan. You can set your own budget and make your payment in different installments such as 3 months, 6 months, 10 months.

5.   Sofort

Sofort payment instrument, whose parent company is Klarna, is one of the most well-known payment channels in Europe. Known and actively used by millions of people, Sofort is a very reliable tool. With Sofort, you can use your account information to shop in various currencies all around the world. With the help of this way, Sofort bring a wide usability to the shoppers.

Unique Features Provided by Sofort to its Users

This payment method is known as one of several online payment methods via bank transfer. It allows simple and robust establishment of all payments through net banking channels. While you do not abuse your credit or positive identity, you can make a safe and fast payment by connecting to your bank's net branch. You can reach customers abroad quickly and reliably with various payment ways of the area unit, which is highly used in local markets. It is a system that aims for all users to make instant and secure payments. In this way, you can complete your online shopping in a practical and professional way.

Here are the steps users will encounter when paying with the Sofort method:

1. The user chooses this technique as a payment choice rather than a mastercard, and connects to the net branch of the bank that can be used.

After work in along with his personal info, he can see product info associate degreed an auto-filled kind.

2. After checking this type, a one-time positive identification is distributed to the signal registered within the digital banking and confirms the dealings with it.

3. If the payment is confirmed, it'll be directed back to the web site.

4. As a result of the dealings, the payment and therefore the order square measure completed synchronously.

6.   Apple Pay

As the name suggests, Apple Pay is a payment channel launched by Apple, and it is a technology that allows users to pay quickly, easily, and securely via NFC technology via credit and debit cards and Apple devices. Using this technology, you can also make your shopping payments in a reliable and fast way from our web store.

How to Use Apple Pay in Online Shopping?

Credit and debit cards area unit verified in barely many seconds, however some cards need a telephone call, app transfer, or Associate in Nursing email to verify a card before it are often accessorial to Apple Pay. Once a card is verified, it's straightaway obtainable for purchases each in stores and at intervals apps. Up to eight cards are often registered with Apple Pay at just one occasion. Apple Pay are often managed within the Settings app, set within the "Wallet and Apple Pay" section. Every cards accessorial to pocketbook is listed in this section, beside info like asking address, email, and signal. Sound on a card offers specific info like last digits of the cardboard range, last digits of the Device Account range that replaces the cardboard rane ing transactions, and it additionally provides contact info for the bank that issued the cardboard. Apple Pay, a payment method that can be controlled and managed by Apple's own security system, is a powerful innovation that will destroy users' wallet-carrying habits. In this way, you will be able to benefit from these innovations while shopping online from all over the world.

7.   iDEAL

Having emerged as a direct and secure bank transfer payment method for Shopify Payments, iDEAL payments is one of the highly reliable payment tools. To recieve or make payments with this method, the user must log in on their iDEAL account to verify the payment. This payments are made reliably. You can also continue shopping by using iDEAL payments from our web store.

Secure Payment Features by Using iDEAL

iDEAL payment system, which is a development system based on online banking principles, allows users to make safe and fast shopping. It can be preferred for all kinds of online shopping with its instant payment convenience. This system, which stands out in terms of speed and security compared to other payment methods, offers users the opportunity to see and manage the remaining money in their bank accounts. iDEAL is secure, as a result of you create your payment within the atmosphere of your own bank. This payment method is quite simple, as a result of all payment details area unit pre-filled mechanically and you instantly recognize if your payment succeeded or not; you retain management of your balance; the perfect payment is instantly visible on your checking account statement. It is a method that allows you to make high-security payments for all kinds of online shopping. In this way, you can control your shopping amount, and with this system that works in coordination with your bank, you can do your shopping through highly secure developers.

8.   Giropay

Giropay, a secure internet payment channel originating in Germany, allows you to make secure payments on the internet using direct online transfers from your bank account. You can start shopping safely by choosing the Giropay payment method from our web store.

Advantages of Giropay Payments to Users

Giropay is one of the platforms that was made by the official on-line banking payment network supported by most native and cooperative German banks and may be a reliable payment technique for customers. This technique, that is safe with means that of transportation to customers in online looking, is for quick payment and safe usage functions. During this manner, it passes with against doable codes and your bank mechanically provides it. Victimization Giropay, your customers will shop firmly victimization online transfers directly from their bank accounts with instant account verification. Giropay, which has a software where the money in the account can be viewed and controlled simultaneously, provides its users with a highly secure online banking system for online shopping. In this way, you can instantly access the statement of your purchases and see the expenditures you have made. You can also track account activities. It has a structure that establishes communication between your account and the receiving bank. In this way, you can easily shop without worrying about security. Increasingly rising among innovative banking systems, Giropay ensures that users are secured with high-security account protection. In this way, your purchases will be registered in the systems and it will be easier for you to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the campaign.

9.   Google Pay

Google Pay is an online payment method that has been gaining popularity lately. This payment method, which is a system created to improve the purchasing experience of customers in shopping, is used to make payment processes much more convenient, fast and secure. Thanks to the powerful, yet simple and practical mobile package of the Google Pay integration system, it is often preferred to increase sales and strengthen customers' loyalty to the brand. It has become one of the most popular payment methods today, thanks to the benefits it provides not only to businesses but also to customers who make the purchase.

Advantages Provided to Customers with Google Pay System

1. Fast and straightforward purchases: In stores, customers speed through checkout once they use Google Pay on their mobile device to cart and pay.

2. Zero cost principle: Customers do not pay further dealings fees once they use Google Pay to form purchases. Aiming to provide users with maximum performance with the innovative system it has developed, this payment method makes your internet shopping practical.

3. Easy and trustworthy: Ince customers use Google Pay to shop for in stores, Google Pay doesn’t send their actual credit or open-end credit variety to form the payment. Instead, it uses a virtual account variety to represent the account info. With the help of this way, user's credit info doesn't share with the seller.

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