Grieto Martin Valen Designer Oversized Hoodie

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Grieto Martin Valen Designer Oversized Hoodie: Through the Cracks

Dive into the modern aesthetic of our Grieto Designer Hoodie. Perfectly blending luxury and urban style, this piece promises not just impeccable design but also unmatched comfort. Crafted from a high-quality 70% cotton 3-thread fleece fabric, the hoodie offers a sumptuous touch and enduring wear.

Its oversized cut, combined with the kangaroo pocket and long sleeves, ensures a cozy fit while accentuating a laid-back feel. The available palette ranges from understated beige, crisp white, classic black, to versatile grey, presenting a myriad of choices for discerning wearers.

A defining feature is the "cracked" Martin Valen print. This deliberate design choice gives the hoodie an edgy, distressed look, embodying a sense of vintage charm amidst its classic hoodie design.

When you wear the Grieto, you're not just sporting a hoodie - you're embracing a narrative of modern-day fashion intertwined with a touch of classic appeal.

Model Details: 79 Kilograms / 174 Pounds, 1.80 Centimeters / 5’ 11’’, Size L


Oversize Fit
Fabric Style
3-Thread Fleece Fabric
Fabric Composition
70% Cotton %30 Polyester
Fall and Winter
Print/Design Type
Water Based Print
Model Details
79 Kilograms / 174 Pounds, 180 Centimeters / 5’ 11’’, Size L
Other Details
Other Details
Kangaroo Pocket Detail

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