Men's Camisole Thick Fabric Oversize White T-shirt

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Product available with different options

Men's Camisole Thick Fabric Oversize White T-shirt: Enigma in Every Thread

Discover a piece that's as unique as the stories you hold. The Men's Camisole Thick Fabric T-shirt is a testament to the art of subtle intricacy, blending an ethereal comfort with a pinch of mystery.

Crafted with the rich blend of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra, the camisole fabric ensures a luxurious feel, complemented by the roomy oversized fit. But what truly makes this white t-shirt a conversation starter is the black embroidered over the pocket detail - an 'S' gently nestled on a 'W'. Is it a symbol? A cryptic message? Or perhaps, a stylish initial? The beauty lies in its ambiguity, leaving the meaning open to your own interpretation.

Whether you wear it as a statement or simply for its unparalleled comfort, this oversized t-shirt is sure to evoke curiosity and admiration in equal measure.

Model Details: 79 Kilograms / 174 Pounds, 1.80 Centimeters / 5’ 11’’


Oversize Fit
Fabric Style
Camisole Fabric with Lycra
Fabric Composition
95% Cotton 5% Lycra
Spring and Summer
Print/Design Type
Model Details
79 Kilograms / 174 Pounds, 180 Centimeters / 5’ 11’’, Size L
Other Details
Pocket Detail
Other Details
Thick Fabric

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